I Should Have Known

I Should Have Known

The trivia podcast that can't be trusted! Each week one of our quizmasters, Sups, Andi, or Tanner, presents you with four big facts on a topic, but one of those facts is a lie! Try to guess which one and you'll be saying, "I should have known!"

Recent Episodes

Chess - Nerding Out Theme

March 21, 2023

"Check" out our latest episode continuing our nerding out theme! Quizmaster Tanner opens with four facts about the game of chess, but watch out for his gambit: one of them is false! Play along with hosts Andi and Sups as the…

Retro Video Games - Nerding Out Theme

March 14, 2023

Insert a quarter to continue our nerding out theme for this month! Quizmaster Andi describes four events in the history of retro video games, but one of them is out of order! Think you know your gaming history? Join Players …

Marvel Superheroes - Nerding Out Theme

March 7, 2023

For the month of March, we're nerding out! Quizmaster Sups is leading us off with a 'find the fake' episode about superheroes from the Marvel universe! He tells the tales of four characters, but one of them is not really a M…